A Great Ansible First Tutorial

I have been using Ansible playbooks to deploy OpenStack. Using playbooks created by others is handy, but it doesn’t give one a sense of the power and flexibility of the tool. When I read the yml files themselves, it wasn’t always clear to me what was going on.

I searched online for a tutorial. I read through a few. As is typical of online technology tutorials, the authors frequently erred on the extremes of providing so much detail that we miss the bigger picture *or* they are written as if the author assumes that we know much that goes without being said. Sigh.

Then I found Michael Booth’s “one line and no files” introduction to Ansible:


It was written at the level of detail that let me have a few “so that’s how it works!” moments with less than 5 minutes of reading.

Booth’s post isn’t designed to tell us everything we need to know, but it does a great job of giving us an understanding of a few fundamentals. For me, it was enough to give me an understanding that Ansible is something I want to learn more about.