Finding the Horizon Password for OpenStack Ansible AIO

I recently installed OpenStack using RackSpace’s openstack-ansible AIO (All In One) deployment method. Similar to the Red Hat RDO distribution, AIO yields a single server node with both compute and controller roles. This is a great environment from which to do integration and development with RackSpace.

Here’s the rub: AIO deployment sets up all the user names and passwords automatically, including the password for the Horizon admin user account. The QuickStart guide for the process doesn’t give us the information. So how does one login as admin on the Horizon dashboard? To summarize the majority of the online answers:

It’s the password you gave keystone when you installed it!

That’s bogus in the AIO case because the default installation process asks you for nothing. Instead, you must go looking. I found the answer is not obvious. The installer puts the answer in the user_secrets.yml file:

ubuntu@openstackaio:~$ sudo grep admin_pass /etc/openstack_deploy/user_secrets.yml
heat_stack_domain_admin_password: db4edd5bae940444f18780a250135c6
keystone_auth_admin_password: 421df341dd5ca2b9418c1412c81dd7c7cd73a2e52e6fd

Once you get in to Horizon you can change the admin password to something easier to remember! Happy config!