Ansible Logging

I have been working to deploy openstack-ansible in an AIO configuration. The simple guide for this task can be found here:

AIO is comparable to the single-node RDO installation I’ve written about previously. If things go well, this deployment is a breeze. You will end up with a node that has the combined roles of Controller and Compute.

If things *don’t* go well, you will find that ansible logging is disabled by default. There are a number of logs that get generated during the install, but they have names that are difficult to understand. I frankly didn’t know where to start looking when my install failed. The online descriptions of how to enable logging tell you how to do it, but they *don’t* say where the configuration file is located.

Here’s what I did. I found the file


Near the very top, in the [defaults] section, I added the following line:

log_path = /opt/openstack-ansible/ansible.log

Re-run the playbook and this ansible.log file will contain fine-grained information that doesn’t appear in stdout/stderr.