VyOS Virtual Router

Today we successfully brought up our OPNFV Arno cluster, a minimal configuration without redundancy. The last step was the insertion into the environment of a VyOS router.


The “Public” network of the OpenStack nodes on the right must have access to the default gateway, DNS, and NTP servers configured for the cluster. At the same time, the Public network will be probed at deploy time for DHCP services. If DHCP services are found, the deploy will fail. 😦

We inserted the VyOS router into the mix and configured it as follows:

  • Assigned the “Public” network gateway address to one port.
  • Configured the VyOS to provide NAT services, forwarding traffic from the cluster out to the production switch.

VyOS is an open source fork of Brocade’s Vyatta router. If you are familiar with Vyatta you will understand VyOS. For the rest of us, the docs are quite good:


We’re off and running with OPNFV!